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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My critique partner and I have decided to try to write new stories at the same time. A sort of 'write-along' if you will. So we've both started with new ideas to brainstorm, plot, and write.

I'm struggling a bit for a number of reasons. The story I started with refused to cooperate, so yesterday I swapped it for a story that was begging to be told. And my computer has died... Again. I seriously want a new one. An iPad this time. Add to that sick kids (the boy just came in from school and threw up on my living room floor) and you've got a recipe for writing disaster.

But I will not be discouraged. I will meet my own (self-imposed) deadline! Which means I should get back to it now while the baby is sleeping and the boy is snuggled up on the couch. Happy writing!

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