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Friday, 7 September 2012

My new favorite manicure!
Newspaper nails seem to be the new, hot thing for manicures and as a proud word geek, I couldn't be happier! I kept seeing these all over the internet. Most were the full nail, but my favorite version was the French manicure. My only real complaint was that on every one the words were backwards. I wanted to be able to read my words...

The key was in the newsprint. Or the 'not-really-newsprint'. I decided I could do this with my own words and make it more special. And readable. So here's how I did it:

First things, first you will need to get your supplies together. You will need clear polish for the base and top coats (I used the same clear for each), a pale polish for the tips, alcohol (I used vodka), and a sheet of paper printed using the 'mirror' function on your printer.

This is the blurb from my magical realism blurb!

I copied and pasted the blurb from my WIP onto a new document. I changed the font to Times New Roman, size 10 and printed it using the 'mirror image' function on my printer so that the words were all backward. This way, when I transferred the print it would be the right way around.

Apply a clear base coat.

Next, I applied a clear base coat to my nails. They are acrylic (but mostly real).

Apply two coats of a light shade to the tips.

Then I applied two coats of 'white' on the tips and let it dry completely. You can use any light color for the tips. My polish wasn't actually white, more of an ecru which I thought looked more like the background on book pages. 

I love these so much!
Once your tips are completely dry, cut the printed paper into small squares. Be careful to cut so that there are plenty of words and few spaces on each square. 

Soak one nail at a time in alcohol for 10-15 seconds. The original tutorial I read said rubbing alcohol, but I still can't find anywhere to buy that here (after 8 years of looking) so I had to make do. We have a bottle of Russian vodka which was given to us about 2 years ago (we don't drink vodka) so I tried that and it worked beautifully! 

Carefully press a square of paper, printed side down, onto your nail. My paper was thick, so I also dabbed vodka on top of the paper with cotton wool.Press down by rocking your finger over it. Be careful not to move or slide the paper. If you do mess one up, simply use a cotton swab dipped in some polish remover to wipe off the print and repaint the tip. If some of the paper sticks to your nail, just wait until it has dried and gently rub it off with your finger.

I think I'll be sporting this look a lot!
Finish with a top coat. I used two coats of the same clear I used as the base coat. 

And that's it! Storybook nails!! Your own words, or those of your favorite author, on your nails-- fun, fashionable, and fabulous!


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