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Friday, 10 August 2012

Do you feel like an overachiever? 
Are you getting way too much done? 
Do you need to slow down?

Then I have two words for you:

Pinterest and Polyvore

I am not a label hound. In fact, until just about the last two weeks I couldn't give a damn about fashion. 
Then I joined Pinterest. 

I started as a way to keep track of all of the cool things I found on the net that gave me inspiration for my WIP. Soon I was pinning constantly. My app became my best friend when I was up all night with a 
sick Baby Bug. I was hooked. 

Next I found a 'lookbook thingy' on Pinterest that was quite simply my perfect outfit. 
This one.

That pin linked my to and now I can spend hours looking at outfits and dreaming up my new wardrobe. It's great fun, kind of like being a teenager again. It also sucks every bit of motivation to do work from me. And, probably worst of all, it makes me want to buy designer things. I have already started. I just bought my dream purse-- a light navy slouchy purse with a bow, a designer label, and leather so soft I want to pet it. Next up, designer sunglasses for our trip to Rome. 

My new addiction is not to blame for my not posting Wednesday. I blame the OU for that. I had an overdue assignment to finish. But it is to blame for my sudden need to gut my closet and have my nails done.

I must say, though, it has been fun collecting inspiration for The Bee Keeper. Pop over and have a look if you like. But I am not to blame if you find yourself 'pinning' at one am.

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