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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Last week I caught up with my writing partner finally. I haven't seen her since before I had Scarlett-- over four months ago.

We used to meet once a month for lunch, chat, and some critiquing. Aside from her being the only person I know who enjoys writing, she's also my only adult friend in the area.

I forgot how nice it is to sit around and chat about writing.

We've decided to meet up every Friday now. Not for lunch, but at my house (so the monster can play outside). We've also decided to set a goal each week.

That's something that I really need. I desperately want to write this week, so I'll have something for her to read Friday, but this week seems to have filled up rather quickly. There's videoing for cheer today, getting Bug weighed, cheer tonight, play date tomorrow, and then, of course, she'll be here Friday.

Our first goal is to brainstorm our WIPs so we can start plotting. I've already brainstormed, but each time I think about it I learn new things about the story. I still don't feel like I've completed the task we set. The thing is, I may never stop so this week's is kind of a deadline. Otherwise I don't ever think I'll get it written.

So today, as I start my to-do list of 17 tasks (16 after I finish this post!), I am especially thankful for my writing partner. For being there and helping to push me along.

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