Valentine Bride it is!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Well, it seemed that several people read my synopses, but only two commented. And wouldn't you know it was one vote for each story. Figures.

The vote for VB came from my cherished critique partner who has already read some of VB. She knows the story and if she thinks it's strong, I trust her.

But, I admit, the ADHD got me and when I read SandyB's comment (thank you so much, by the way) I got excited and started to concentrate on ATS. That's when the story really started to develop. A couple of things came out of brainstorming that surprised and thrilled me. Now I need to figure a way to make it all work. And that's way more than I can do before the deadline.

So, I'm going to enter Valentine Bride. I really do love the characters and the story. It has a lovely little town, quirky characters, and Southern charm. ;-)

I may have another look at that synopsis before I submit it, though. Any suggestions?

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