Making friendship bracelets...

Friday, 20 July 2012

Have you ever had one of those days when you have a hundred things on your to-do list and all you 
want to do is listen to Bob Marley and make friendship bracelets?

That's what last night was like. I blame Mollie Makes,

I picked up Hunter from school and needed to go to the grocery store.While I was there I got this month's edition, mostly because it has a cute skirt pattern in it, but also because of the friendship bracelets 
on the front cover. The skirt, by the way, is the type I'd wear on the beach while listening to Bob 
Marley and tying a million knots in DMC embroidery floss. All the way home all I could think about 
was the big bag of floss I had at home.

Of course, then I got home and there was dinner to cook, kids to bathe, and battles over bedtime to fight. 
I never did get to pull out my floss last night. I still haven't. 

Today, I looked at my to-do list. Including the overdue tasks (I seem to always have something overdue), I had 21 tasks. At six am, with little sleep (Scarlett had a rough night) I knew there was no way I'd get through them all. And nowhere on that list was anything I wanted to do. Nowhere did it say relax

I thought back to the good old days, when I could pack up the car and head to the Outer Banks without a care in the world. Or sit on my front porch swing, safety pin a knot of floss to the knee of my jeans, 
and make a bracelet. 

I know I'll never get back to that carefree place in my life, but I am determined to find at 
least a little of that freedom. 

From now on I will turn down opportunities to take on more responsibility. I will finish all of my to-dos during the day (of course, this will get a little tricky once I go back to work). I will spend my evenings 
doing things I want to... like writing, reading, spinning, crocheting, sewing, or any of the crafty 
past times I've collected over the course of my life.

I will let go of the stress of being a grown up and remember what it was like to be 17. I will live 
in the moment. And let that moment take me back to 1993 now and again. 

I will make friendship bracelets.

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