Mommy Needs A Nap

Monday, 11 June 2012

Here we are back at the beginning of another week. I swear it seems like we just finished a Monday. Anyway, here's my Monday Momminess.

I am exhausted today. I took my teams (I run an all star cheer program) to a competition yesterday. I left the house a little after 9am and was home a little after 9pm. Such a long day.

I took Scarlett. It was her first cheer comp and she's only 7 weeks old! That makes me so happy! Which is probably a bit sad, but I don't care. I bought her a team onesie and made her her first hair bow. It was awesome! She was just as popular as the competition mascot. You would not believe how many total strangers came looking for 'the baby with the cheer bow'. It was too cute.

Today, I am running on empty. I am still struggling to find a way to nurse with the Gaviscon. Expressing isn't going so well. We are on the second week of the half term and I can't seem to get 5 minutes alone to go to the bathroom and my 4 year old apparently has a tapeworm. He's begging for peanut butter sandwiches about every hour or so. So I haven't found much time to express. I've been relying on formula which is something I swore I wouldn't do.

I've been doing some research and I'm trying a new way of administering the Gaviscon. Previously, I have been mixing it with the cooled boiled water for formula or with the expressed breast milk. I find that in the breast milk, it becomes little gummy particles which clog the nipple in the bottle. Let me tell you that is a nightmare. A starving, screaming baby unable to get milk from the bottle no matter how hard she sucks. Yeah. Great fun.

Today I mixed the Gaviscon with 15ml water and I've given her about 10ml after putting her to the breast. So far she just seems to want to sleep. I'm ok with that. I want to sleep, too. I just can't convince the 4 year old to nap. Or to behave. Every time I get the baby to sleep he comes in and wakes her. I suspect on purpose.

I wonder what would happen if I put on a movie for him and just shut myself and the baby in my room for half an hour...

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