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Friday, 29 June 2012

... I am sewing again. I bought the material to make a beautiful little outfit for Scarlett to wear to my best friend’s wedding. Well, really I bought the material for two because I couldn’t decide between two gorgeous fabrics- a magenta satin with silvery-white embroidered flowers and green vines and leaves and a white cotton with tiny red flowers, vines, and leaves.

From Little Lizard on Etsy
I do have a dress for her to wear. But then surfing Etsy I found the cutest pattern and couldn’t resist. I also downloaded a pattern to make a tie for Hunter, which is awesome, since the only ties I can find in his ‘size’ are school ties. If I ever finish my to-do list today I’m going to get to sewing.

From Little Lizard on Etsy

I also found a dress pattern for myself which I am in love with and I downloaded that, too. I’m thinking of making it in the same print as the dress for Scarlett, but I’m wondering if that is too cheesy. My mom says it’s very Donna Reed of me to want to dress myself and my daughter alike. Well, I always did want to be Donna Reed...

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