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Monday, 25 June 2012

Scarlett slept through last night!! In fact, I woke her this morning when I got up, found her with a 
blanket over her head, and panicked, snatching it off of her. You know you would've done the same. 
That makes 2 nights in the past week. God, I hope she keeps this up. I feel so much better and 
she is obviously happier for it. 

I feel terribly accomplished today. I did one of my to-dos yesterday. I woke at 6am, did yoga, showered, 
packed Hunter's lunch, ate breakfast, fed Scarlett... I was unstoppable! After dropping Hunter 
off this morning, I went to ASDA and did my shopping. And now I am sat here checking 
off the next to-do.

I made it my intention today to get all of my to-dos done before I pick up Hunter. Honestly, 
that will be hard if not impossible because the next one involves a lot of research, copying, organizing, 
etc.. I could be at that quite a while, so I'm going to make this post short. I want to start dinner 
early tonight and get Hunter in the shower early so we have time for a bedtime story. I bought him 
two new books at ASDA, so he is going to be thrilled. 

It's kind of like a reward for having been so good last week. His teacher raved about the change 
in his behaviour. I don't know if its because he's only just gone back after two weeks off, or because 
I have started to give him vitamins. According to research I've read lately, he needs more zinc, iron, 
and omega-3 for his hyperactivity. I've also made a point of doing more with him, like crafty stuff 
after school. ASDA (who I should just sign my pay check over to) had a great set of 5 crafty 
activities for £5 and a 'build your own zoo animals' kit for £1.97. 

It would seem (or maybe I'm just delusional from the great sleep I got last night) that I am finally 
getting a schedule sorted for me and the kids. Of course, in four months I'll have to go back to 
work and that'll be toast. :(   I am really not looking forward to going back to work. 
If only I could win the lottery...

This new 'schedule' I've started has me doing something almost every moment of the day. That's 
okay, though. MY ADHD demands a routine, so it works. I have also scheduled in time to write. 
And guess what? I wrote two synopses last night in preparation for the HAR pitch! Now I just have
 to figure out which story to pitch. I have posted in the Harlequin forum to ask if  can post my synopses
 here for a little feedback, I doubt that is okay, but if it is I'll put them here and see what everyone 
(all two of you) thinks. 

In the meantime, I'm going to cross this post off of my to-do list and get started on the one that will 
take a while. I would really love to have it all done before school is out. 
We'll see...

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