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Monday, 28 May 2012

Hunter at the Riverbend Fourth of July parade 2011

My hubby posted tonight on his FaceBook status ‘I want to go home. I just have to figure out where that is.’ I used to struggle with the same thing until recently.

The only place I truly felt at home was Farmville, VA (I went to Longwood), up until our trip ‘home’ this past summer. Suddenly, there were so many places that felt like home to me in Virginia and North Carolina. There was the home of my youth—Deep Creek and the house which was bursting at the seams with friends who might as well have been family; the home which will never be—the Outer Banks of North Carolina where I felt truly at peace with my life (I cried when we left there); the home that would be comfortable—New Bern, NC where my mom and dad live and we’d have a family and a support system for the kids; and the home of my dreams—the Blue House and the friends and community we found there.

At this point, I’d be happy in just about any of those places, even though I am still holding out for a Blue House. I find that whenever I am having a bad day, the thought that I am one day closer to being home is what gets me through. Because I know that someday, I’ll be able to wave to my kids as they board a big yellow school bus. Someday, I’ll be able to take them to a baseball game and a Fourth of July parade.

Until then, I’ll write about place and people which remind me of home. And I’ll pray that I can sell my stories so I can plump up the account that I hope will pay the way for my family to move back to North Carolina. And I’ll tell my children stories about home and teach them the Pledge of Allegiance. I’ll teach Hunter to play baseball and I’ll teach Scarlett to cheer. 

And someday, I’ll be able to take them home.

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone.

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