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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sorry I haven't posted since Monday. Tuesday night my hard drive died, so I took Della (my little pink notebook) to the computer doctor Wednesday morning. The good news is she is back home now, the bad news is she has no data. I am currently re-installing all of my programs and sadly, the last month worth of writing is gone. Most stressful is the loss of three WIPs which I have been working really hard on this last month. I am planning to take my fired hard drive to a specialist and pay a fortune to get the data recovered (hopefully), but that will have to wait a bit longer. 

Monday is a holiday here and Tuesday is going to be a busy one. On Wednesday, the monster (after constantly wobbling the tooth that was not ready to come out) has managed to break a tooth off leaving the roots in his gum. First order of business for Tuesday a trip to the dentist at 1000. That will be super fun since I can't really handle teeth. Nothing else bothers me-- I cut up organs for a living and used to do autopsies, for Pete's sake! But for some reason, teeth, even wobbly ones, make me cringe and feel faint.

After the dentist, hopefully I'll be able to drop the monster back at school, because the baby is due back in hospital at 1130. Thursday, the midwife scared the death out of me by telling me Scarlett was still way too jaundiced, had lost weight, and needed to be admitted to hospital immediately. The doctor in the hospital wasn't nearly as worried, but we still stayed from1130 to 2300. Poor baby girl was stuck three times for loads of blood tests and they took urine and stool for testing. They have figured out that she has thrush (and so do I, of course, so that explains a lot of my pain) but there is still some concern because she has never had a proper stool, only diarrhoea. We are going back Tuesday so they can weigh her and do more tests if necessary.

That means I have no clue if I'll post tomorrow (since I'll be home alone with both kids trying to entertain them) or even if I'll get back on track for Wednesday. I'll try to get back to schedule as soon as possible.


  1. That does sound hellish. Ack! Praying for the babe.

    1. Thanks. Scarlett is doing well. I think it was the thrush that put her off feeding and caused her to lose a little weight. Since we've started treating it (it isn't gone, of course, but better) she has gone back to eating well and gained loads of weight. She's also significantly less yellow.

      Hunter loved going to the dentist (seriously, he cannot be my child)and as it turns out, the new tooth pushed out the roots of the old one, so no pulling or pain. I am so glad because I hate to see him upset, he is my precious little monster after all.

      The hard drive has turned out to be the biggest heartbreak of all. The data may be recoverable, but if it is it will cost £325 +VAT. That makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. With the amount of writing I've lost it is totally worth it, but how I'd pay for it I have no idea!

      So today I will sit here with my handwritten, choppy notes and see if I can rewrite enough of it to make getting the data recovered unnecessary. And all I really want to do is take a nap. Fun times :)


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