Friday Already

Friday, 25 May 2012

I know Fridays are supposed to be about fun, but the most fun thing I can think of to do right now would be to go to sleep. I won’t. Instead I’ll type a little post...

Is it Friday already? I swear I have no idea where the week went. In fact, the last five and a half weeks have gone way too fast. It occurred to me today as I booked the appointment to register Scarlett’s birth that it has almost been six weeks since I had her. And it’s been seven weeks since I left work. That means I only have a little over four months before I have to go back. God, I wish I didn’t have to go back.

It also occurred to me that I have done little writing in the past seven weeks and the one thing I promised myself when I left work was that no matter what I would find time every day to write. I guess it isn’t that I haven’t been writing. In fact I got nearly halfway through my Intrigue WIP before the hard drive went and took all of my hard work with it. I am the cautionary tale—always back up your work! I signed up to Dropbox today and chucked my writing file in that to prevent any repeats. Not that I think the new hard drive will fail, but I am something of a disaster when it comes to laptops. My poor Della has had an entire glass od red wine spilled on her keyboard and picked up a worm from Facebook. I truly am cursed.

So, it’s time to get my act together. I know, I keep saying this. I figure eventually it has to stick. On Thursday I wrote a 3000 word essay which is my final assignment in one of my courses. I also entered the Harlequin Intrigue Editor Pitch Contest. I’m pretty proud of those achievements, but I know I need to do more. I need to get a schedule sorted.

As it turns out, Scarlett has reflux. After three days of vomiting up every feed, the GP prescribed Gaviscon for her and so far it seems to be doing the trick. Unfortunately, we are still very far from getting onto a feeding and sleeping schedule. She didn’t sleep well for days and then once her tummy wasn’t killing her all she wanted to do was sleep. Until 3am, of course, then she wanted to hang out until 5. I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I am. Seriously, my eyes are threatening to close while I type this.

Being the anal Virgo that I am, I simply must have a routine. And I must have a plan of attack for completing my WIPs before I go back to work. So, once I have posted this, I am going to set up a plan for what needs to be written and when. I still have courses to contend with, so it is important that I lay down a schedule and some rules. So off I go!

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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