Being a mommy is hard.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Look at this! I'm blogging in the wee hours of the morning again. That can only mean one thing-- I have so much to do tomorrow I'll never have time to blog. I have an assignment and an end-of-module assessment (think final exam in essay form) both due on Thursday.

Yep. That's right. Once again I am behind schedule. Not ridiculously so, in fact, I'm a bit proud that I'm not completely snowed under considering the weekend I had.

I was single-parenting again. DH went to his best friend's wedding on Friday. I was planning on going, but the bride decided at the last moment that babies were not welcome. She didn't understand why I couldn't leave my 4 week old (breastfed) daughter with a babysitter for 2 days. Yeah. They are both a bit clueless.

So DH came home early-ish on Saturday, but did that mean I got a break? Of course not. Don't be silly. He napped all day and I looked after the kids while trying to get a little work done. I fell behind.

Today, DH had to go into work. He left around 8am or so and came home after 8pm. After I had feed the monster and put him to bed. Essentially, after I had done all of the work we usually share.

I knew this would be the case, so I spent all day cramming in my assignment. As much as I would have loved to color with Hunter (he wanted me to so bad), instead I was performing register analysis's on two texts. And there's so much more to do.

I have a friend coming to stay the night tomorrow, to meet the baby and I still need to do the comparative analysis write-up, write a 3000 word essay (that's worth half of my grade), and edit & polish a contest entry. All before Thursday.

So, yeah. I'm blogging now. Honestly, I'm just trying to get it over with. This time next week, I will be down to one class (of course I'll have more writing to do, but that is a labour of love) and I can't wait! I don't even remember the last time I took only one class!

I do all of this in an effort to be a great mommy. When we finally move home, this degree will put me into a better position to provide for my family- while leaving me plenty of time to bake cookies. :)

Until then, I will trudge on, but for now I need to get some sleep. Being a mommy is hard. Night all.

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