Wednesday Writing: Finally Finding Time

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Monday was a hard day. Both as a working mom and as a soon-to-be stay-at-home mom. I spent the day juggling laundry (about 4,000 loads to get ready for Scarlett’s arrival), entertaining the recently-turned-more-monstrous-than-usual four-year-old (damn, I hate school holidays), and discussing breast cancer and the appropriate way to cut tumour samples (it was my day off, but my colleague stopped by).
Oh and aching. I was seriously aching. On Sunday, DH and I spent 6 ½ hours cleaning out the garage and finding all of the baby stuff we saved from Hunter. My back was so sore I strategically placed chairs throughout the house so I would have places to sit and work (fold clothes, even load the dryer) and to take mini-breaks throughout the day.
So, I skipped Monday’s post. Of course, after seriously overdoing it I was up sick until about 4am, so I probably could’ve written it then. I just couldn’t be sure anything I wrote would’ve made sense. It was more likely it would’ve been a 600 word long whine.
But I’m back tonight. Sort of. I mean, I’m tired. Beat actually. My last day of work was the longest I’ve had in ages and then I took a tired, sobbing, child to ASDA for an hour to try to stock up for the weekend. Not my best idea, but at least it’s done.
This weekend, DH is going to Budapest for a stag do (I swear, the man leads a charmed life). He leaves Friday afternoon and comes back sometime Monday, which means I’ll be single parenting again this weekend. And days away from giving birth. I took the easy (read ‘bad’) mommy route and bought loads of frozen (pizzas, chicken nuggets, etc.), but I also got some good stuff—we eat an awful lot of fruit in our house. I’m hoping these quickie meals will give me more time to write.
I am behind on the WIP (again) but not by much. I only need to write two more scenes to get caught up. It shouldn’t be too hard, even though I have loads of university work to catch up on, too. The way I figure it, after next week, the monster will be back in school and I’ll be home alone all day with Scarlett. I’m certain I can find time in my days to write AND study.
Up until now, working meant my only time to write or study came after I got Hunter to bed and then I was usually dead. Now, I’m not delusional, I know I’m about to embark on sleepless nights and fuzzy days, but still, I am sure I’ll find a little clear-headed time.
My goal is still to have this HAR WIP ready in case they do go through with the rumored pitch contest. It won’t be easy, but I owe it to myself to give it a shot. When I look back at the two years I spent at home with Hunter—two years in which I wrote absolutely nothing—I see the opportunity I missed. I only get six months at home with Scarlett and I am determined to turn out at least one, if not two, manuscripts in that time.
Oh hell, I just realized it’s after midnight. So it’s Thursday. I’m late again.

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