Settling In

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This is my first week at home with my little ladybug. Scarlett is one week old today. Man, time flies.
And I haven’t found a minute to write yet. But I can see where I will just as soon as I get used to my new ‘schedule’. So far, Scarlett is a really good baby. She sleeps exceptionally well, which is making my life a little easier.  I just need to get used to managing my time a little better. So far today, I’ve only had time to put away loads of groceries, have a really short nap, and cook dinner between feeds and diapers and play.
I am now three and a half chapters behind on my WIP and have an essay due tomorrow that I haven’t even finished the notes for. Yep. I really have to work on my time management. But then, that has always been my problem, hasn’t it.
The WIP is aimed at Harlequin American Romance and there’s been word that they will be having a pitch contest sometime this summer. They never say exactly when, but I’m praying for August to give me as much time as possible to work on it. They’ve announced a medical fast track and even listed the dates in June it will be held. God, I wish they’d do that for HAR. At least then I’d have an actual deadline, instead of just a vague idea of ‘sometime this summer’.
Either way, I really need to get to work. I just wish I wasn’t trying to write this essay and prepare for the EMA (big, end of course essay, worth a big chunk of the grade). It’s still early days with Scarlett, too. I may find that she hasn’t come close to settling in to a rhythm yet. This week,  I’m going to concentrate on finishing that essay (probably not on time, but I can get an extension and finish up by the weekend) and getting to know my little ladybug’s schedule as it stands now. It isn’t rigid, but she does seem to follow something of a pattern.
Next week, I am going to sit down and work out a schedule for myself. I need to take into account Scarlett, school, and household duties in addition to writing, but I’m sure I can come up with some sort of arrangement which will allow me writing time. I’ll let you know how I get on.


  1. Congratulations on the new arrival! You certainly sound like you've got your hands full.

    1. Thanks! I do feel like I have a million balls in the air right now. I'm sure it will all settle into a schedule soon.

      Scarlett seems content to eat, sleep, and play at regular intervals so far. I remember my son would not stick to a schedule, he was all over the place and I was so jealous of my friends who had babies on set scheduls by 8 weeks. Hunter never even slept all the way through until he was 11 1/2 months old!

      Scarlett seems to be the exact opposite. I'm really excited to think that in a month or two I may have a baby who is on a regular schedule and sleeps well in the night. Yaaayy!!


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