Friday, 6 April 2012

This morning, the monster and I dropped DH off at the train station. He had a plane to catch. He’s spending the weekend in Budapest on a stag do. The monster cried for Daddy all the way home.
Clue number one.
Once we got home, I spent hours cleaning my study. (As usual, I overdid it. I can’t seem to make myself understand that I am 37+ weeks pregnant.) The entire time, the monster laid on the couch quietly watching TV.
Clue number 2.
When I realized it was way too quiet downstairs I came down to find the monster sound asleep on the couch. I tried to wake him with promises of a sweetie, but no luck.
Clue number 3.
When the time came to eat his favorite dinner—pizza—the monster refused. In fact, he refused to eat anything (toast, pasta, chicken nuggets…).
Clue number 4.

I decided to check his temperature after he started complaining of a headache and a tummy ache. Sure enough, 102.2 F. And next came the vomiting.
Right now, I'm snuggled up beside him, watching Scooby Doo, praying I don’t get whatever he’s got. Forgive me for making this a short post. It looks as though there will be no fun this Friday. Not for me at least.
So far, he’s doing better. The fever is coming down and he hasn’t been sick in over an hour. I managed to get some toast into him. I wonder if it’ll hold out so I can get some writing done. Can’t hurt to try.
Happy Good Friday, everyone!

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