'Holiday Weekend'

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter! (What? You know I’m always late with everything.)
It’s after 10pm on Easter Monday and I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that ‘holiday weekend’ is over. Of course, I use the term ‘holiday weekend’ loosely since it has been anything but a holiday for me.
This weekend I have done 23 loads of laundry. This includes things like car seat covers and new baby clothes—I swear I have done laundry recently, but only school uniforms and work clothes. I have vacuumed the whole house and cleaned out my study (There is a desk in there. Who knew?). I’ve cleaned the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, dining room...
And, no, I am not nesting. I keep telling everyone nesting is when you get the urge and WANT to clean. The only urge I have is to sleep. I just have no choice but get the work done.
All that work might not have been so bad if I hadn’t totally overdone it on Friday. I did the majority of the cleaning on Friday after dropping the hubby off for his best friend’s stag do in Budapest thinking I’d have the weekend to relax, but no way. Fate, that evil bitch, was having none of that. When I finally decided to call it quits from exhaustion, the monster came crying to me with a 102.2F fever. And started vomiting shortly after.
That is the last time I kill myself thinking I’ll be able to lounge later.
I can’t wait until my dear hubby comes home to help parent. According to a text, he is currently hailing a taxi to bring him home from the airport and I’m afraid it will be all I can do to let him in and crawl back in bed. My eyes are threatening to close all the while I type this. It may not matter. According to his texts over the weekend, he should be just as shattered as I am. I admit, I’m a bit jealous. He had fun getting that way. I did not.
Somehow, though, I survived the weekend. Of course, the monster and I spent a great deal of it screaming at each other. I truly believe my previously precious four year old has recently been possessed by some hellacious demon intent on making my life 1000 times harder.
And just think… I get to spend the whole week home with him. Damn Easter half term.
On the whole though, I guess it could be worse. The groom and best man aren’t coming home from Budapest just yet. They are sitting in a jail cell waiting to be tried for larceny. For stealing a giant chocolate rabbit and egg from the hotel lobby. Yeah. I have a feeling their ‘holiday weekend’ might just top mine. I don’t even have a clue what a Budapest jail is like, but I can’t imagine it will be much fun.
Who thinks I should buy the happy couple a giant chocolate rabbit as a wedding present?

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