Studying, Sarah Addison Allen, and The Life of a Cat

Friday, 30 March 2012

Inspiration for my magical realism WIP.

I decided to take today off work. Originally I planned to clean out the car (didn’t happen—too cold out) and get some studying done (still debating that one), but so far all I’ve done is cat-nap with the cat. I tell you, the life of a cat really is charmed. Even as I sit her typing away furiously, Piper is curled up in front of me with a dazed, eyes-half-open look which says she could go back to sleep at any moment.
I, on the other hand, have one hour to get as much done as possible before I have to pick up Hunter from school.  And I have eight things on my to-do list. And of those eight things, writing this post is the only one I truly want to do. All of the rest are university work which I really have no desire to get on to.
I know I need to get on it. After all, Scarlett will be here soon. Just how soon, I couldn’t tell you. We were supposed to book the induction yesterday, but guess who has decided to be awkward and lay transverse? So we’re back next week to see if she is head down and if so book the induction, if not, book the c-section. So, really I should be studying.
Instead, I want to write. And not just this post, I want to REALLY write. I haven’t had time to really write in days, maybe even longer.  I want to pull out my HAR WIP and get the notes down for the next chapter so I can breeze through the scenes later.
Most of all, though, I want to pull out my magical realism WIP and have a look at structuring it. I have an idea I am in love with and a first couple of scenes which make me truly happy. I also have an idea of where it is going, but I have no road map. And anyone who knows me knows I need a road map. I am crap with directions!
So, today (or what’s left of it at least) I think I will pull out my notes and scribblings on my MR WIP and see if I can’t put it all in a little more order. I keep thinking that it would be simply amazing to have everything laid out, ready to go once little Scarlett is here so that I can pick up my writing at only a moment’s notice and get to work.
I know it’s the old ADHD making me want to pull out the MR, but I don’t care. Well, the ADHD and the fact that today is Sarah Addison Allen’s birthday and she is my writing idol. I aspire to write as beautifully and magically as she does. This MR already has the airy, magical feel I am going for (I think), I just need to be able to keep it up and do it justice.
As for the HAR, I still plan to keep my head in the WIP, after all, rumours are still circulating about a contest this summer. Sarah’s first published book was a Harlequin and then she moved on to Garden Spells. I’ve always dreamt of writing for Harlequin, so I’m not sure if I’m ever lucky enough to I’ll ever ‘move on’, but I can’t deny my desire to wrote MR.
I read somewhere (I’d love to give credit, but with the amount I read daily, God only knows where this came from) that you should find someone who has made a successful career out of what you hope to do and study their methods, learn to follow in their footsteps. At the risk of seeming stalker-esque (I, swear I’m not a stalker), this is precisely what I am doing. I am trying to follow in Sarah’s footsteps. Only, I may choose the self-publishing route for the MR when/if I become more established in romance.
Nonetheless, I dream of the day I read somewhere something along the lines of ‘Fans of Sarah Addison Allen would do well to give Christy Kate McKenzie a chance…’ I hope that doesn’t sound pretentious. Of course, if I am ever going to read those words, I guess I better get to writing that book!
Happy writing, everyone!!


  1. Love your blog!! Sarah is so inspirational and one of my favorite authors. You can achieve your goals. (Found your site through your birthday greeting to Sarah). Do you think you might add a little magic to your writing. I loved the changing wallpaper in Sarah's book! Have a great day!!

    1. Thanks! The blog is mostly moaning about being pregnant these days :)

      Sarah is my hero. She is certainly the inspiration for the career I hope to build.

      I'm working on two WIP's at the moment. One is aimed at Harlequin's American Romance line, set in a small town in NC (like where my parents live).

      The other is a magical realism set in a sleepy Southern town, much like my favorite town in Virginia (where I'm from). My magic involves bees, flowers and mead!

  2. Hi Christy,
    I found your blog on the Harlequin site and thought I'd check you out. Congrats on your pregnancy and soon to be delivery. How exciting! I am also dreaming of becoming a published Harelquin author (mainly HRomance or Special Edition lines). Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. :)

    1. Hi, Melinda! Thanks for dropping by.

      Going through the whole labor/baby thing after 4 years is terrifying. There is so much I have forgotten. I just hope I can be a bit more on the ball this time so I can find more time to write.

      Becoming a Harlequin author has been a dream of mine since I read my first, some 13 or 14 years ago. I keep a copy of that first book on my bedside table to help spur me on.

      Good luck on your road to 'published'. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and maybe along the way we can cheer each other on!!


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