Single Parenting is the Pits

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

It’s Tuesday and I’m writing the Monday Momminess post today because yesterday I was too busy being a mom to have time to do it.
I am sure that at some point I warned you about this. My posts will be much shorter here and there due to an overall lack of time. I had hoped it would be because I was so busy writing, but unfortunately that is not the case this week.
Instead my time is limited because of two very different ‘mommy issues’. First, my hubby has worked away more than ever over the last 2 weeks which has left me to single parent the monster. Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, but at 8 months pregnant with constant nausea from acid reflux and sciatica, everything is way harder than it should be. Second, the consultant informed me last week that he plans to induce me 2 weeks early.
 So our little baby girl will be here in 5 weeks, instead of 7. Most people would look at that as ‘Yay! She’s coming early!’ and while I will be happy to be done with the acid and pain, I keep thinking ‘Oh hell! I have 2 weeks less to get all of this crap done that needs to be done.’ And since I don’t think I’ll be able to afford to take more than 6 months off with her, I am trying to work until the last possible minute.
I have an overwhelming amount of ‘real job’ work to get done before I take maternity leave plus a lot of university coursework that I’m trying to get ahead on in case I don’t feel like studying those first few weeks after I give birth.
And so, this post is painfully short and probably not very interesting (sorry about that, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at the moment), but it is a post. I may be late, but I am determined to keep to 3 posts per week. I’ll try to have something more profound to discuss on Wednesday. No promises, though, since I still have no idea when my hubby will be home or when I’ll get a chance to sit still for more than 2 minutes.

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