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Thursday, 29 March 2012

**Warning: This post is not about writing. It is a semi-rant about my life at the moment!**
I skipped the blog post last night. Not because I was too busy or too tired. Just because I was having a little overdue downtime with my hubby. For the first time in weeks, we just sat around eating ice cream cones and watching TV. And it was so nice.
Yesterday was a particularly trying day. I rushed off to work for a major and very exciting case only to find (after my hour drive to the hospital) that it had been cancelled. So I came home to get emails and paperwork done.
I found out 3 of my 4 emails have been hacked and are sending out Trojan viruses to all of my contacts and I am ‘no longer eligible’ to change my passwords. Of course, I called TalkTalk only to find out that they refuse to change my passwords or delete the accounts because my hubby’s bank is the one where the direct debit comes from. He has to do it. Even though the account is in my name. Meanwhile, British Gas doubled the direct debit from my account and refuse to discuss it with me because the account is in my hubby’s name. Go figure.
So I gave up and went to get the monster from school. Monster is indeed the correct term to describe what has possessed my four-year-old-former-angel. For whatever reason, he has been a nightmare for two days straight. He has been cheeky beyond belief, in school and at home, and sometimes downright mean. He has a project due for school and while I know we should have been doing it all along, I only remembered the damn thing yesterday, so along with painting his egg for the egg rolling contest today (yeah, I know), I attempted to get him to work on his project.
I saw firsthand just how bad his level of focus is and honestly, it scared me. I couldn’t even get him to write an entire sentence. He would start out beautifully concentrating and two to three words in I’d lose him. He’d be doodling and telling tales about aliens and monsters. Needless to say, we are still in the beginning stages of the project. And, given my history with ADHD, a call to the GP may be warranted. We fought most of the afternoon over that damn project. Is there any wonder I was crying by the time my hubby got home last night?
Just what I need when I’m two weeks away from giving birth to the next (and definitely last) one. That’s right. Today is the day I find out when they are going to induce me, but I know it will be about two weeks from now. I am scared and excited and nervous and eager… all rolled into one babbling, jittery mess.
I’ll be so glad to have a date, though. Right now I still have approximately 3 days of work left (tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday) and then I should be officially on maternity leave. I am trying to enjoy this morning—relaxing, maybe a little writing—but I am also very aware that I have two university assignments that need doing before the baby arrives, so  may do some work on one of those. Then there’s the matter of the kitchen which is trashed. And the hubby will be home at one to go to the scan and appointment with me, so that leaves my afternoon busy.
After two weekends of trying to get the hubby to help me get the baby stuff out of the garage, this weekend is my last chance. He goes away to Budapest for a stag weekend (Must be nice, right?) Easter weekend and the following weekend, Scarlett should be here. The plan right now is to get everything out this weekend and use Monday and Tuesday of next week to start washing things and putting them where they belong.
Hell, at the rate things are going with motivating my hubby, I may just go pull the stuff out myself this morning. I need to get on this! I absolutely refuse to spend Easter weekend on my own with the monster working my fingers to the bone to get ready for Scarlett. I plan to spend that weekend hanging out with my son since it is the last time it will ever be just him and I.
And so, as I sit here typing this rant I am trying to decide whether to work on my university assignments, go get stuff out of the garage, or go back to sleep. I’m just holding out for this afternoon when I get to see my little girl on the ultrasound for the last time and find out when I’ll be holding her in my arms.
Hope your week is going better than mine.


  1. Definitely time to get the baby stuff out - and get your little guy used to seeing all the baby stuff. And my question is - why in the world would a 4 year old have a project for school??? That's possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard - and I'm a teacher!

    1. I decided not to get anything out yesterday. Part of me (the petty, bitchy, pregnant part) thinks it's best to wait until my hubby can help out. He should be doing something, right?

      As to the school project, this is the second one he's had this school year and I swear they are more work for the parents than anyone else. They aren't even graded!! Unfortunately, the aspiring teacher in me (once we move home I'm leaving the medical field to teach) just can't let it go and skip it. So instead, I'll spend ridiculous amounts of time next week trying to convince him to follow directions, write sentences, and build a building out of cardboard boxes. Great fun, huh?


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