Friday Fatigue

Friday, 23 March 2012

These Friday posts were supposed to be about fun, but lately all I’ve felt on a Friday is fatigue. Work has been crazier than ever trying to sort out these two new services before I go on maternity leave and honestly,  I just can’t wait for my ‘last day’. I’m surprised to say that since I’ve been dreading the inevitable changes coming and I do truly love my job.
But, here I am after the fifth consecutive week where my routine has gone to pot and my workload seems to increase, rather than decrease, and I keep thinking, God get me out of here. I need a break. Of course, having a brand new baby is far from a break, but at least I won’t have the daily struggle of making sure I meet my hours and complete a multitude of tasks.
Emails, for example. It had just occurred to me that I promised a pathologist earlier that I would email her today and I forgot. Guess, I’ll be taking a minute to do that now if my Internet ever loads. The computer seems incredibly slow tonight. Isn’t that the way though when you have things to do and really just want to go to sleep. I just took a minute to send out the email, it was two actually. It’s a shame when work haunts you at 9pm (when you should be writing). but such is life. Roll on maternity leave!
Next week will be my last full week. The week after is the first week of Hunter’s Easter  holidays and as of today I only have one breast surgery to attend, so I plan to only work that one day in the week. The following week he is still off school, but that is ‘the 38th week’, so I don’t know if I’ll work or not. I may just start my leave then since I’ll likely be induced either that Friday or the following Monday.
This blog may be a little quiet for the first couple of weeks past my induction, depending upon how things go, but I’ll be back swinging! Hell, I may even be able to post during the day when my brain hasn’t completely fried. I may even find more interesting things to talk about.
But for now, I’m going to go try to work on my WIP a bit before the total brainlessness sinks in.
Night all!


  1. I'll be thinking good thoughts and sending them your way. Take care of yourself and that little one! Wishing you all the best :)

    1. Thanks, Jemi. I just can't wait to have all of these 'preparations' finished so I can cuddle my little girl and have a bit of time during the day to write and relax. I know there won't be loads of writing/relaxing, but since this isn't my first rodeo, I'm feeling relatively prepared and figure I'll be more 'under control'this time around. I'll keep you posted! :)


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