Back From A Break

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I think maybe a break and a chance to clear my head was just what I needed.
Monday night after I posted, I went straight to my Harlequin American Romance WIP and read through chapter one. I made a few slight tweaks (nothing major, just clarified a sentence here or there) and something incredible happened. I remembered why I fell in love with the story in the first place.
 It was very exciting! I left this WIP a good while ago and re-entering it was like I was reading a story I had read long ago. It was new and familiar all at once. I really do like the story, the characters, and the setting. I also can hear my voice clear and strong in the telling. I found myself wanting to read more, to polish more, but time wasn’t on my side. It was getting late and I had to be up early for work.
My little break from the story did me a whole lot of good, but of course, I can’t afford to leave it sit each time I lose my way. I really need to get on with it. So, that’s my plan for tonight. I’m going to cut this post short and pull out chapter two. After all, this book isn’t going to write itself and since I’ve taken to calling myself a writer, I guess I better get to it.

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