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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Here I am again, talking about the goals I set for 2012. Unfortunately, today I have to confess that at least one of my goals has never made it off the ground. And it’s a big one.
One of my goals was to set a writing schedule and stick to it. I also said I’d write a minimum of 1000 words per day. I have since realized, that those are really the same goal for me. I also haven’t even started.
I am writing, but I have no set routine and as someone with very little focus, I know I need routine. I need to sort this as soon as possible. I tried getting up earlier, but I’m just too exhausted these days. Tomorrow starts my third trimester and today one of the surgeons I work with suggested I be checked for anemia since I seem to always be out of breath now. It would also explain my total lack of energy. I was ready for bed at 7pm tonight. I would’ve gone to bed, too, if there hadn’t been so many things on my to-do list. As it stands, 3 will be held over to join tomorrow’s to-do list.
I posted Monday about creating habits, which really become routines, so I know how important it is that I make writing a habit. I just need to find the time. If onl there were more hours in the day, you know?
I am counting down the days until my maternity leave, though. Right now, I am on a flexible schedule, which means I leave work early enough to pick up Hunter from school (no childcare to pay), but it also means I have to do about another 3 hours of work from home. I swear, I never feel like I am finished. I am really looking forward to having the entire day to fit in things I want, or need, to do. I know how hard it is to stay at home with a baby, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think once I’m home full-time I’ll ever need to do laundry at 2am. Sometimes I do that now.
When Hunter was born, I spent two years at home with him.  I got absolutely no writing done. I was overwhelmed and terrified and had no idea how to handle being a mom. Writing was the least of my worries. Now that I’ve done it once, I think it will be easier with Scarlett. I plan to spend nine months on maternity leave and use it wisely. I will get into a writing routine. Hopefully one that I can continue even after I go back to work. Of course, I really hope to start that routine sooner than April, but whatever.
Even though I have not found my routine, I am still writing. Or re-writing mostly, since my WIP have gone through a massive overhaul. It is my goal to finish this WIP by the end of February and start immediately on the next one. I hope to get into a rhythm where while I am writing one MS I can edit or plan another. Then I can keep a steady stream of work coming out and increase my chances of being published.
But first I need to set the damn schedule. So I need to find some time in my day where I won’t be distracted, preferably while I still have the active brain cells necessary to string a few words together. Wish me luck.

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