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Monday, 27 February 2012

Today is Monday, so really I should be writing about ‘mommy stuff’, but I’m just not feeling it.
I have so much going on with work right now, plus school assignments due, but all I want to do is work on cheer stuff (did hours worth of choreography tonight and tons of posts on our FaceBook groups) and write. I guess I’ve done enough cheer stuff, so it is time to write.
I had a great writing circle meeting today. Well, we call it a circle, but it’s just the two of us. We are eagerly looking for more members (prefer those who write romance/women’s fiction), but until we find some, we are good company for each other. Today, I told her all about the wonders of Scrivener (I really do love it) and we chatted about taking some of our old manuals we wrote for workshops/classes (mine are cheerleading, hers are stitching) and hawking them on Kindle.
I am getting more and more into this idea since, honestly, a conversation with a colleague last Thursday left me depressed. The fact of the matter is that, short of winning the lottery, our only chance at moving home lies in my saving more money than I make each month. Oh, and I have to do it with another job, because between childcare, university fees, gas, and bills my salary is gone within 24 hours of deposit.
I have heard so many amazing stories about people making a fortune on Amazon by publishing direct to Kindle, but I don’t expect to be the next Amanda Hocking (if only). What I do want to do is find a way to make some extra cash and selling these manuals that are sitting around gathering dust at the moment sounds like as good an idea as any.
I may not have time to get into much of it before my maternity leave at the end of April (there just aren’t enough hours in a day right now), but as soon as I get started, I’ll be sure to post about it.
Now, I need to go get writing.  J

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