Obstacles in Writing

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I know this will hardly make up for missing out the posts on both Wednesday and Friday (I am so ashamed), but as I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, life gets in the way sometimes.  The truth is, I would much rather be writing my last scene in Chapter 4 of my WIP than this right now, so I don’t want to waste any time. The monster is in bed (watching a movie) and all is quiet, so I may actually get some writing done tonight!
The fact of the matter is that my biggest issue is with actually sitting down to write. There are always a million things to do that must be done before I can allow myself the luxury of writing. And, yes, for me it is a luxury. Therefore, I don’t want to put it ahead of the things that will peck at me until I get them done.
 I’m one of those people who will obsess about the laundry needing done until I actually do it and that ruins any joy I would get from writing. Now, I know I’m supposed to treat writing like a job (show up, and get to work regardless), but I want to hang on to the wonderful high it gives me. I’d just like to experience that high more often.
Now, I know what everyone says about if you are serious about writing you will find time to write, no matter what, but I wonder how many of those people have a four-year-old, full-time job, 2 university courses, part time volunteer post, house to run… oh and did I mention—no energy since I’m 7 months pregnant? Yeah. Time is not my friend.
And before you lecture, I know I’ve done it to myself and I need to cut back, problem is, I don’t really have anything that can be cut right now. I’m holding out for maternity leave and the end of my classes to regain a little me time. I also hope to get a little energy back (or at least be able to overdose on caffeine) once the baby is here.
I can’t be alone in this. I know there are many other working, floundering mothers (and fathers) out there trying to write a book.
What is your biggest obstacle?

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