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Friday, 24 February 2012

I just got back from the pub. I can’t believe I made it to 2230! That’s a serious record for me these days. It was the first time I’ve been out on a ‘mom’s night out’ in over two years. Of course, I couldn’t drink anything—being pregnant and all—but I have to admit I had a good time.
I really didn’t want to go. It’s cold out tonight and I’m exhausted from the week, but it occurred to me that I don’t really have friends who are moms and this is something I think I need these days. After all, I’m about to be a mommy of two and I don’t have the opportunity for much me time. I think I need to find some friends who are in similar situations and understand that I can’t drop everything to meet for lunch on a Saturday or stay out half the night on a Friday. Maybe it’s time to make grown up friends.
I was a little surprised when I received the invite. To be honest, I have had a mixed reception at the school gate. Sometimes I am naturally included in the little circles of talk and sometimes things become a bit strained when I walk up. I’m not sure why, not even sure I care, but I knew there had to be at least one of those moms who I could find some sort of bond with.
It turns out there are a few who are more friendly once you’ve warmed up to them. One mom, in particular, was exceptionally nice. They just so happen to live down the street from us, so it would be really convenient to make friends with her and I think after tonight, I have. Her son and mine are good friends and she has a young son as well. Tonight we swapped birthing stories and I confessed that my biggest fear is that my husband won’t even be home when I go into labor. He’s been working away a lot lately. She was very sincere when she told me to call her if I needed anything, especially if I needed help when I go into labor.
It feels good to know that I may be able to develop some sort of support system here. What I miss most is having people I can rely on and being this far from home, I feel really alone.  So, tonight, I am really glad that I made time to go, even though at the time I really didn’t want to. Next, I am going to tackle another thing that I really don’t want to do.
As of this post, the only thing overdue on my to-do list is the re-write of chapter 5 in my WIP. It’s not so much that I don’t want to do it, I guess, it’s just that I am so tired these days, the thought of tucking into it seems like something I should ‘just do tomorrow’. But I am not going to give into the desire to procrastinate tonight, I am going to tuck into chapter 5, even if only to make a preliminary read of it. I already know the good that will come out of getting some work done tonight, even if it is creeping up to tomorrow.
It’s time to press on. What have you done this week that you didn’t want to, but are glad you did?


  1. Once my kids were born I tended to stay home almost all the time too. It's hard to force yourself to go out and have a good time - but it's well worth it. Hope your support system works out! :)

  2. Thanks. I did manage to have a read through of chapter 5. Thanks to a change in due dates on my university assignments (was due 12th, now due 1st) and a major meeting at work next Thursday, I am still behind, but at least I can say I am 'in progress' rather than 'stalled out'. :)


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