INSET Days & The Joys of Motherhood

Monday, 20 February 2012

So it’s a teacher’s workday, or INSET day as they call it here. Like it isn’t bad enough that the kids were off all last week, they need one more day. I swear the school schedule here is so relaxed. Last year the kids went to school for a total of 7 days in the month of April. You read that right—7! And all the snow we had which kept us home for about a month… none of that was ever made up. It really is ridiculous.
Not only do I have to worry about the cost of childcare (at least one full week every 5-6 weeks), but if I can’t afford it (I almost always have him home on the INSET day), there’s the trouble of keeping the monster entertained while I work. Unfortunately, I don’t get as much holiday time as he does. Thank God he goes back to school tomorrow!
So, today I am ‘working from home’ all the while listening to play time sound effects (his favourite right now are explosions and airplanes) and temper tantrums of the ‘why-can’t-I-have-a-sweetie’ variety. Miraculously, I have somehow managed to tick off almost all of the tasks on my to-do list. This blog is technically the last for today, but since I am a chapter behind in my WIP, I can’t really claim to be finished once this is posted.
All but a couple of the 12 tasks to-do today were work stuff, but still it really does give me hope for what I’ll be able to accomplish once I’m on maternity leave when I won’t have to leave the house or write up presentations for Head & Neck Cancers. I have honestly worked from 9 to now (3pm) with nearly no break time. Just think what that will mean for my word counts! I know, I’ll have the distraction of a baby, but somehow I think it will still be easier than it is now. I WILL up my daily word counts! I plan to post about upping word counts on Wednesday (I found a really cool blog post about it), so I won’t go off on that tangent right now.
Anyway, I’m writing this blog now rather than waiting for the quiet time after bedtime just in case I’m dead by then. There are a few extra things I’d like to do if I have time as well. It is unlikely that with this much distraction I’ll get started on my WIP. That will probably have to wait until bedtime.
I have tried the ‘bet you can’t stay quiet for 5 minutes’ game. He doesn’t even try.
And all of the Benadryl here is non-drowsy.
Any suggestions?

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