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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Here’s another late post and with all of the to-do’s left undone on my nifty little iPhone app it’s going to be a short one.
This morning I am rejoicing in the fact that, since it is below freezing outside, my son’s football (soccer) coach decided to cancel practice. I must admit, though, that I was disappointed when I awoke to find that the ground was not covered in snow. I keep seeing FaceBook statuses and Tweets about how pretty the snow is that seems to be everywhere but here—seriously, friends who live 20 miles away have been building snowmen. And what have we gotten here? Freezing rain. Oh we had 2 episodes of flurries yesterday, but I’m not even sure you could legitimately call them flurries. Each spell lasted about 15 minutes and the flakes were so tiny they were difficult to see with the naked eye.
Whether we get a blizzard or not, one thing is for certain. I am not leaving the house! I am going to curl up with repeated cups of tea and work on the two things that are most important to me on my to-do list—the essay which I have due for class next week (not really exciting, but it needs doing) and Chapter 4 or my WIP (I’m about 3 hours from finishing it).
The old ADHD is rearing its ugly head again. Mainly because I read an interview with an author who said not to write what you think will be published, but rather what you want to write. The book you would like to read. While, it’s true that both of my Harlequin WIPs are stories I love and want to write, there’s another story I’ve started which truly calls to me. I haven’t even picked it up in probably 8 months, but it continues to haunt me. I think part of my goals for this weekend will be to find a way to make time for that story without sacrificing the other 2 WIPs.
Well, it’s time to get to work. Have a great weekend everyone!

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