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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tonight’s post is going to have to be a short one.
No, seriously. I’m going to make it quick.
Today is Wednesday, which is the day I am supposed to post about writing. Thing is, I don’t feel like I’ve done any writing in a while. I’ve done loads of prep—loglines, blurbs, plotting, even a synopsis, but no actual writing.
One of the things I decided to do at the beginning of the year was print up weekly spreadsheets to use as to-do lists. They are awesome (even the girl at work who I’m training is blown away by my organizational skills)! They are divided not only by day, but there is a section for work-related tasks, school, writing, and coaching. And between the Susan Meier Goal Workshop, Chalene Johnson 30-Day Challenge, and Jeff Olsen’s The Slight Edge I have been able to accomplish more in these first 11 days of the month than I did all month in December!
The only thing I haven’t really worked out yet is how and when I’m going to squeeze in my much needed writing time. So far the writing tasks I have done haven’t really fit to a schedule. I’ve been getting around to them after everything else is done (so I have nothing else weighing on my mind) and I haven’t spent a set amount of time on any of them.
My next step is to set a time (and amount of time) for the actual writing each day. I know I want to complete one scene a day. That’s how I did it in the past and it seems to work best for me. I was easily able to hit 1000 words in an hour. These days, though, a scene equates to more like 2,500 words. Right now, I truly can’t figure out where to squeeze in 3 hours of writing in a day (maternity leave is going to be so awesome for this). In the meantime, I’m just going to try to squeeze in as much time as possible, I just need to set a time to do it each day.
And now, I really need to get started. So, I’m off to write.
What’s your writing routine? Do you set a time limit or a word count?


  1. I get up early and try to free write for an hour before the kids get up, but I don't set targets - they do. If I only write a blog post or a blurb, that's still writing, still word count,and I'm happy with that. The maximum I've ever done is 30K, which was insane! 2K a day is reasonable if I have something specific I'm working on and fitted around the family.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Pippa. I can't imagine 30k in a day! Did you eat or sleep? :)

    I'm aiming for 2500 per day, but while I'm still taking classes, it's going to be hard.

    1. I was on the computer about 17 hours in all. Seriously I didn't eat the whole day. I couldn't. I was so tied up in the story, so desperate to get it down. But that was a one off, lol, and I certainly wouldn't advocate doing it as a regular thing.
      I think the key is to squeeze it in wherever you feasibly can. I never set a limit (that just adds to the pressure if you have other things that need to be done - like classes, kids, or even the eating and sleeping things, lol) but it's amazing how much you can hammer out in half an hour if that's all you get.

  3. For some reason, I cannot use the reply link above. Oh well. I can't imagine 17 unimterrupted minutes right now, lol. The worst of it is that once I get the monster to bed I am so exhausted (being pregnant is no fun) that I can barely get myself to bed. I'm counting down the dyas to maternity leave. At least then I won't have full-time work keeping me away from writing in the day.


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