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Friday, 13 January 2012

After a lot of thought, some additional research and an hour of cutting and pasting as I re-arrange a plot, I’ve made a decision…
I’m going back to Scrivener.
The truth is I always liked Scrivener. I’ve tried more trial versions and free versions of writing software than I care to admit and none of them really seemed worth the hassle of transferring my files over. Until I found Scrivener.
I was impressed with a number of its features; probably my favorite was the ability to move entire scenes from one chapter to another without cutting and pasting. I started using it when they announced a beta trial for the Windows version (it was only available for Mac) and continued using it for ages while they perfected it and released updates. The only thing I didn’t like was the font. Honestly, that’s it.
I never really took the time to try much on it. I never even knew I could change the font (you can). Then came my way too long break from writing, when I was buried in university work and too sick to write (morning sickness is so much fun).  Once I was able to pick up my writing again, I found that the Windows version of Scrivener was complete and available for purchase. At the time I was broke, so even at the ridiculously low price of $40 it was still out of my reach and I went back to using Word.
Last week I pulled out an old project and gave the plot a major overhaul. I cut about 14 scenes, added about 10, and rearranged the ones left over from the old manuscript. Cue the cut and paste.
After wading through around half of the project, I decided I needed a better option. Suddenly I remembered Scrivener. I went straight to the website and downloaded the 30-day trial. I’ve spent a few days now, not only transferring two WIPs into it, but also checking out all of Scrivener’s features.
And the verdict is… It’s better than I remembered. Plus, they are currently working on a version for the iPhone/iPad!! If they include a way to sync between the Windows version and the iPhone version, I’ll be able to write from anywhere! That would be so convenient. I could even write during downtime at my ‘real job’. So, once my 30 day trial is up, I’m going to buy Scrivener. I have a feeling it will be a great investment.
Do you have a favorite writing software?

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