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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Monday I posted about writing. Well, sort of. I posted about the Harlequin Medical Editor Pitch contest and my plans to see if I could make the time to enter it. But if you remember the 'schedule' I set up ages ago, Mondays were supposed to be for 'Momminess' and Wednesdays for 'Writing'. What can I say, I've had a tough, mixed up week so far.

So tonight, I'll talk about Mommy things. Sort of.

This is the first I have actually sat down tonight and I can't believe how tired I am. After work, I picked the monster up from school and went to the grocery store. What started out as a trip for a frozen pizza for dinner (there was no way I was actually cooking tonight), turned into an hour-long grocery trip. And let me just say, if you think it is bad to go shopping when you are hungry, try being hungry AND pregnant.

By the time we got home, monster was moaning about being hungry and when will tea (English equivalent of dinner/supper) be ready and I was baking those cheap little pizzas as fast as I could, all the while trying to finish some work from the 'real job' which I hadn't yet finished. I tell you, I love my kid(s) and I love my job, but I really don't like being a working mom. I think moms as a species work enough without the added stress of a career, but since I do love my job and we do need two incomes to survive I see no other choice.

Monster fed and in pj's, it was time to read Harry Potter in bed. He was out by 1915. Thank God. And here I am, typing furiously, some rambling mess, because I can barely keep my eyes open and I am trying to stay awake at least until 2030 when I need to do my clexane injection.

I thought about writing a little while I wait out the next hour, but honestly, I'm not sure anything I'm writing now makes sense. God only knows what a scene written in this state would be like. Then again, it could be entertaining. Maybe it would be good for a laugh in the morning. After coffee, of course. Before coffee, it would probably make sense.

What do you think? Have you ever written something when you were too tired to move and found it to be hilarious the next day? Or have you done good work when your mind is too exhausted to wonder from the task at hand?

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