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Monday, 12 December 2011

On my very first post, I said I was crap at this. I was able to keep up with posting for a while (very proud of myself there) and here we are nearly 6 months from my last post. As they say, life happens. So let me catch you up a bit.
Fate has been both a blessing and a curse lately. Here I am homesick (and it would seem some of the friends we spent so much time with at home have again forgotten we exist—except my best friend, Bethany) and the surprises and disappointments have come holding hands and skipping merrily one right after another. It hasn’t all been bad, so let’s get that bit over first.
When we returned, after finding the dream house back home, the hubby and a friend set up a new business venture and if all went well, he assured me the blue house would be ours by Christmas. Then his friend made a major mistake and they lost the  contract which would’ve put a deposit on our dream. I stayed positive and started looking for other ways, other escape plans. I even started playing the lottery (hey, you never know). And then, last week, I saw the news. Our dream house was sold. I hate to admit it, but I sat here and cried like a baby. For two days. I could cry right now just thinking about it.  I’m going to blame it on the hormones.
Which brings us to the biggest surprise—my most demanding WIP. I found out in August that I am pregnant. It was a mixed blessing really. You see, I desperately wanted a second child. Especially a little girl to pass down my family traditions to. And God knows we’ve tried. In fact, this is my eighth pregnancy. I’ve had 6 miscarriages. So I didn’t even tell my hubby about it at first. I think he figured we were done and I can’t really say he was pleased when I did tell him. Thanks to my history, I was scared. I just kept waiting for it all to be over. Terrible, I know, but 4 of the 6 losses had come after Hunter, so I had no reason to think this one would be any different.
Back in April, I tested positive for Lupus. I don’t have the full-blown disease, just what they call ‘sticky blood’. This means that my blood clots in the placenta, which stops the babies from growing. The doctor explained that I had a 80% chance of miscarrying again and started me right away on anticoagulant therapy—daily aspirin and nightly (painful) Clexane injections. Yep, every night I inject my belly. I feel like a pincushion—you should see the bruising! As if that wasn’t difficult enough, I had the worst morning (24 hour, really) sickness I’ve ever had. I was sick constantly from weeks 4-12. So sick I couldn’t read, write, or type. Every time I had to concentrate on words on the page or screen the words swam and circled until I was dizzy and ill. I had to give up writing for a while. I even missed a lot of work and got behind in my studies (so not like me).
This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, but I’m proud to say that we’ve both made it through. Our little girl, Scarlett Rayne, is due April 26th. And since we’ve made it past 13 weeks, our risk level dropped to 1%! I still need the injections, but she’ll be worth it. My hubby has come around. Of course, this postpones our plans to go home, but I’m still determined. And I’m going to keep playing the lotto. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to have a blue house built to our specifications and we’ll move Hunter and Scarlett back home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…


  1. Congrats on coming through all that and on your happy news! :)

  2. Thanks, Pippa. I just need to find ways to get extra energy now. Sleep was never really all that important to me, but these days I can't get enough. It's time to get back on my writing (and clean out my office so I can find my desk)! I've got the next 2 weeks off, so my first job for Monday is to sort the office.


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