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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yayyy!!! An award!!!

I was presented this award (a few days ago, just haven't had time to respond) by the sweet and talented Pippa Jay!! Check Pippa out at . Thanks, Pippa!

Further to this, I know I need to blog more and I promise I will. I'm just buried in work trying to get everything done so I can go home for a visit-- first time home in 7 years!!

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank and Link To the Person who Nominated You. (done above)

2. Share Seven Random Facts About Yourself. (done below)

3. Pass the Award on to 15 deserving blog buddies. (wow, this might take a bit)

4. Contact those buddies to let them know. (ditto)

Here goes...

Seven Random Facts
1. I wrote and 'self-published' my first book at age 6. It was a horror! :-o
2. I coach competition cheerleading. I usually love it, but not-so-much lately. I think I need a break from  
    being 'in charge'.
3. While most people dream of traveling and experiencing different cultures, I cannot think of anything more
    wonderful than moving back home to NC, becoming a literature and creative writing teacher and writing.
    My hubby wants to travel for another 10 years, but I am soooooo homesick.
4. I crochet, knit, and hand spin. I actually have a shop on etsy selling needles, stitch markers, spindles, and
    the like, but I never add anything to it anymore-- no time to make stuff.
5. I work in cancer research. This is important to me since cancer is the most prevalent disease in my family-
    - even my mother and husband are both survivors.
6. I have a lizard tattoo and my belly button is pierced. And I'm 35. Both were done in my 20's.  :)
7. I love Scooby Doo. Every weekend, my son and I have Scooby marathons!!

Okay, here are 15 blogs I love. Check 'em out!

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Now, to pass on the award...


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