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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Work and home have been a bit crazy, but more than that, I've been writing-- every day!! I went to a writing circle meeting and that felt amazing. It was so nice to meet with grown-ups who were not related to my job, my coaching, or my son. It was definitely Me Time.

Of course, neither of the other women in the circle write or read romance. Figures, huh? They are willing to read it, but after hearing about their WIPs I desperately wanted to pull out the old magical realism I was working on. I've missed the magic. Not that I want to drop the romance WIP, I just want to bounce between the two. My best friend says that will suit me better since I have a hard time staying on one project at a time (damn, ADHD).

So I pulled it out. I had a good, honest look at it with fresh eyes. I can't even remember when I last wrote on it. I'm sorry to say, I don't really like it. There were a few passages which sound like me, but overall the voice is all wrong.

It's funny, but I have read time and time again about finding your voice and all that time it has seemed so mysterious and vague. I wasn't sure I'd ever find mine. Then I took that creative writing course and thanks to one activity and the final assignment it all became clear.

The old WIP is only about half written, but none of that writing is truely my voice. So its time to start over. I have a lot to do before our writing circle meeting next week (assignments totaling about 8k words), but I am going to try to get the first 2-4 scenes re-written for them to read. Wish me luck!


  1. I recently revisited a manuscript I'd given up on and it really did give me the distance to revise the heck out of it.

    Good luck on your rewriting!

  2. Thanks, Gayle!

    Hi, Perri. Thanks for your comment. I am shocked at how much my writing has changed. I hate re-writing, though. Anything, not this MS. Honestly, heavy re-writes make me just want to throw it in a box and push it under the bed. I do remember being totally immersed in this story for ages, so I'm just going to push on through.

  3. It's always a surprise to look back at work we haven't touched in a while. I peeked at one and it was bizarre - I kinda wondered who wrote it! :) Good luck with yours!

  4. Thanks, Jemi. After reading it I kind of think it was written by the bastard child of Alice Hoffman and Edgar Allen Poe. Totally not like me at all. I was clearly going through my 'not every story has a happy ending' phase. :)

  5. Oh absolutely best of luck with it - and it's nice the course helped you find your voice :)

  6. Thanks, Chantal. I've started, but it certainly is tough going. I've taken other courses in the past and each time I come out writing a certain way which isn't really 'me'. I think because there was little stress on voice in the course I was able to just write thee way I wanted to.


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