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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Good God! I am so behind. This is ridiculous. I apologize, really.

I do have a million excuses as to why I haven't posted in a while. And I'm happy to declare that one of the main reasons I haven't been writing on her is because I have been writing elsewhere. Anyways, here are the 4 things making me happy RIGHT NOW!!

1. I'm loving the new direction of my MR WIP. I'm also in a desperate rush to get back to IT. I'm trying to sort out ans really get writing, so I'm going to make this short. It's a bit of a nightmare right now, this WIP. I pulled it out after ages of not looking at it and the best I can tell is that I was off my head when I was writing it. The voice is all wrong. There's absolutely no plot. And if that's not enough, I'm a bit skeptical about the theme. I have had a few really good ideas, though, and I'm going to plod on.

2. I spent the last two days outside working in the garden! I'm relieved that my garden is finally repaired after laying months under snow. The grass didn't actually make it in most places, and some of the wooden furniture is toast, but my hubby, the monster, and I spent all weekend tearing out weeds, moving around pots and planting new seeds and plants. It looks amazing!!

3. The belt for my washer is due to arrive tomorrow, so with any luck, I have hand washed my LAST load of clothes today! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

4. I have a meeting of my writing circle tomorrow! It's doubtful that I'll have anything ready for them to read, My romance is unfortunately stalled out (ADHD again) and I'm probably nowhere near having decent pages of the MR, but oh well. It's just really nice to get together with other grown-ups and talk about something other than work.

So, I'm going to jump off of here and see if I can sort out the GMC for the 4 main characters in the MR. I might have a look at polishing chapter one of the romance tomorrow morning for my meeting, but no promises.

Off I go...

My Braeburn Apple is in bloom!!


  1. I love your apple blossom Christy - I have just been down my front path. I had fidgety legs and needed to take a walk. The moon was so bright and I could see that the apple blossom was out, reflecting brightly in the moonlight. It's a Bramley apple and was not planted in the best place. It's always a race to pick the apples before they bruise themselves on the front path. It's just been a beautiful day for gardening. Lovely to think of everyone in their garden.

  2. Oh, that's gorgeous! We've been growing some things in the kitchen, but I think they'll have to be transported to bigger posts. So far, we've got Sweet Peas, Hollyhock, some Basil, two pots of Sunflowers, and two pots of tomatoes. Oh, and two long pots with strawberry plants.

    I'm not the greatest at growing things - they get to a certain height, then seem to die off but I'll try my best to take more care, this year.

    Glad to hear the WP is going well!

  3. Beautiful. We moved from central London with no balcony or anything, so are complete garden novices. This weekend we planted lavender and tomatoes and I spent all this morning pottering about clearing up overgrown bits and pieces and soaking up the sun. Not writing, like I should have been!

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  5. Comment, take two!

    Hi Diana, you just described a beautiful scene (the path and the tree lit by the moon).We only got the trees last year, so this is the first they've bloomed. I am so pleased!

    Thanks, Gayle! I've planted tons of fruit and veg in hopes we can live off of it for the summer and fall. The WIP is ok, not great, but ok. I have kind of chucked the whole of the original story line and am starting over. Apparently I like pain. :)

    Thanks, I always had a garden in the US, then spent my first 4 years here with nothing more than a couple of pots. We're renting, so I still plant in pots, only now I have loads of them :). I keep thinking 'once I finish the gardening I'll sit down to write'. Honestly, it isn't going so well. I just want to lay back in the sun and by the time I come in I'm worn out.

  6. Wow - you have been busy!! Best of luck with the writing :)

  7. Thanks, Chantal. I'm struggling a bit right now. Work is a crazy and I'm buried in coursework. So, I haven't had much time to write, unfortunately. I'm just grabbing a little time here and there to work out the new plot and characters.


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