Not 4 Things

Sunday, 13 March 2011

I honestly cannot think of 4 things which are making me happy right now.

I have to admit, I'm not really all that happy today. Maybe it's because I had a weird night. I fell asleep accidentally at 5pm then woke at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep until 5am and was up again a little after 8. I'm not tired, but I do feel like I've sleep-walked through two days instead of one.

I have several things on my mind right now, not the least of which is the meeting I have with a 'behavioralist' tomorrow at the monster's school. It would seem I am raising the worst kid in the class. I don't know what to think. He is brilliant in his tumbling class and lately we've had few tantrums at home.

Speaking of home, I am desperate to get home. I have been so damn homesick lately I can't stand it. I am trying to schedule a trip home for monster's 4th birthday, but I'm dreading the fact that I will want to hang out with my mom and relax while DH will want us to go see his friends 3 hours away. DH hates hanging out at my parents' house, but I seriously need some down time with mom. I'm still trying to convince him we should move close to my mom so that monster can have a relationship with his grandparents. Cross your fingers for me on that one.

And on top of all of that, there's the fact that my ADHD robbed me of 2 days of writing time and I am now stuck wrestling with a scene that just refuses to play fair.

As my Grandaddy would've said 'Damn it all to hell!'

Yep. That about sums it up.


  1. Hope you get home soon! Nothing like being near your parents, that's for sure!

  2. Thanks, Catherine! It's looking like we'll get a visit for the 4th of July which is great since my little boy turns 4 on the 5th of July. I'm working extra hard to sort out all of the details right now!


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