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Monday, 14 March 2011

I thought I had a meeting with the behavior specialist at monster's pre-school. Then I was stuck in a small room with three members of staff all there to speak with me, or at me it seemed. At nine am. I would've sooner faced a firing squad.

It started out pretty bad. I think they got the impression that I wanted the meeting or that I was angry at them for some reason. I only booked the meeting because it was sugessted to me several times. Their constant suggestion made me think something was very wrong. I've grown concerned because I keep getting bad reports and from the tone of these reports it would seem as if only my child is having behavioral issues. And now I felt as if I was being ganged up on.

Once the air was clear and they understood that I didn't think monster was an angel, but I also didn't think he was the devil everyone started to relax. Clearly the tactics which fall into their policies and procedures for dealing with bad behaviour aren't working for my child. I stressed that we need to get tougher. I also found out that he isn't the only problem child-- he's not even the worst!

Thank God for small favors.

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