Happy World Book Day!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Today is world book day. To celebrate, I've devoted the day (minus the morning I spent at work) to books.

I read on my kindle in a cafe over my morning latte and pastry. It was a lovely little place which drew me in with the most beautiful cupcakes in the window. I just had to get a closer look. Chatting with the owner, I learned that he was an architect by trade and he applies the same principles to decorating cakes as he did to designing buildings. The results were truly gorgeous. We talked about languages, accents, diets, sugar, and music before I settles down at a glass table to read.

I also learned that he was from Greece. Now don't get me wrong, I am happily married and not looking for love or otherwise, but I finally understand why Harlequin features so many Greek heros. There is something about Greek men. They don't have to be physically attractive to be undeniably sexy. It's something about the way they treat you and how they make you feel about yourself-- it's incredible. The cafe owner is only the second Greek man I've met, but the first also has this quality in spades. I'm not saying either one is unattractive, just not my type (I prefer mine tall and built like an American football player, like my very own hero at home), and still I walked out of there blushing like a school girl. Overall a great start to my day!

I came home early from work and did a bit of reading before taking an afternoon nap. I would've preferred to read or write, but I really needed a nap.

After pre-school, I helped my three year old write and bind his first book. He drew pictures, which were mostly circles and 'H for Hunter', and told me what to write. Hunter may be the next Stephen King. His book is called The Mean Vampire.

He gets it honest, though. His father reads Stephen King constantly. And, I wrote and bound my first book at age six in school. It was called The Black Cat, a horror. Anyone unlucky enough to cross paths with the cat died. Yep. I, too, was a little macabre. It's funny looking back on that now, since what I write now is the exact opposite.

Tonight I plan to curl up in bed and read until I drift off to sleep. I love World Book Day.

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