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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Well, here you have it. I've gone and changed my blog.  Even the name!! Before you figure I've flipped my lid, I do have a good reason for all of these changes.

Just as January brought me the desire to change the path I was on, February has inspired me to take my writing seriously and strive for publication. And I read on an author blog (someone who is published and even teaches writing) that anyone attempting to build a reader following (and, yes, she says it is a good idea to do so even before being published) should make sure that all of their social media matches.

I did buy '', but honestly I have no idea when I'll get around to setting it up. And I tweet as ChristyKateSays (ChristyMcKenzie was taken and my full name is too long), so this was really the last piece of the puzzle.

There you have it. I'm sorry if this confuses anyone, but I must say I like the new look. Since I'm so damn homesick, anyway, this theme makes me feel a little bit closer.

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