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Sunday, 27 February 2011

I'm going to make this quick today. I have another post swirling around in my mind and I also need to get to work on Chapter 3 of my current WIP. So, off I go with the 4 things making me happy RIGHT NOW...

1. My best friend, although awaiting surgery and experiencing a serious lack of patient care in hospital (I have actually witnessed a 30 min wait for the call bell to be answer-- thank God she wasn't dying!), is doing much better. Her lung is fine, arm is casted, and she's due to have her pelvis operation tomorrow.

2. I love my Kindle. I resisted getting a kindle for ages. In the end, I only downloaded the app on my iPhone out of curiosity. Now it has become an addiction. Now, don't get me wrong, it will never replace my 'real' books. I love the feel and smell of the pages, especially old editions. I still have bookshelves lining the walls of my tiny study. And I have read a few books on my kindle which I intend to buy in print to go on my keeper shelf. The kindle gives me something a traditional bookstore or online store can not-- instant gratification, much to the downfall of my bank account. I can lay in bed at 3 am, finish a book, and buy a new one without ever leaving my warm, snuggly bed! That to me is amazing! Now I need to find a way to fund this addiction.

3. Free eBooks!! At first I only downloaded the free books. Of course, these days I buy them, too. But probably one of the greatest things the kindle did for me was provide me with almost all of my set books for one of my my university courses for free (or ridiculously cheap). Of 15 set books, I was able to find 10 free on kindle and 2 for less than £1. That's major since the cost of university itself has me walking the poverty line like a tight rope.

4. Time to be superficial and girly (trust me, right now its the little things keeping me going). The last thing making me happy RIGHT NOW is my fingernails. Let me start by saying my nails flake and peel-- I never actually have nails. Add to that that I type a lot, wield a scalpel, and coach cheerleading and not only do I not normally grow pretty nails, but I always figured they'd be a hazard, so I never even tried. Last year I decided to get acrylic nails for the Christmas party season. I loved the look of them so much I continued to get them filled in each month. It was a real treat and made me feel so good. I just went in to have them done the other day and now that they have grown out, the nail tech removed the acrylic and used a type of UV gel on them to keep them strong. They look so pretty!  And they're mine! It's silly, I know, but I don't really care.

The good news, for me at least, is that I haven't blogged as much lately because I've used any and all spare time to write! I've gone back to my first love as a starting point for my writing and it feels good, like coming home. I've also found a way to reward myself for meeting my writing targets and so far my discipline has been improved. I won't keep it a secret for long. I'm working on a post about the new direction my writing has taken over the last month. Sorry this post has been a bit 'fluffy' my next post will have more meat on it than this one. I promise.


  1. Hi Christy - just to say I agree with you about the Kindle. I too thought I would not like one, being of the older generation and a book lover but on a whim agreed that the family could buy me one for Christmas. As you say, I will still always love my real books, but the Kindle is going to be great to take on holiday and there is something very satisfying in being able to connect at any time of day and download another book instantly. Happy reading and writing!


  2. Hey, Christy

    1. That's great to hear that your friend's doing better! All the best for her operation.

    2. I haven't an actual Kindle but I downloaded the software to my netbook. I love it too! Very handy if your local library doesn't stock a whole variety of books and you can't always get to a book shop.. and you want a book instantly!

    3. I have about a dozen free ebooks on my Kindle folder ready to be read! Just have to find the time..

    4. Well, I must admit my nails are pretty much non-existent. Am a habitual nail-biter (I know, I'm bad) :D

  3. DianaS,

    The Kindle is certainly my second favorite thing right now! The first is my little Dell Mini 9 which is pink and covered in hearts. I call her Della ;)


    1. Thanks, she has a long road ahead of her, but it is getting better. She's home now in a wheelchair which is incredible considering we nearly lost her.

    2. Our local library has closed down to become a nursery. Seriously. I am so angry. The only issue I have with the 'instant gratification' of the kindle store is my lack of willpower. My bank balance hates me.

    3. I have about 60 free/bought books and I'm sure I've only read about 20 of them. Clearly I have an addiciton.

    4. I used to bite my nails, but the real problem is that they are paper-thin so they tear easily. I have chipped 2 since having them done at payday, but they are holding up extremely well otherwise.


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