4 Things (a little late)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I had kind of unofficially decided to write '4 Things' (at the very least) every Sunday. I never said as such here, because that would obviously damn the whole thing (I swear, I will come back to '7 Days in the South' at some point).

I missed Sunday. Surprised? No, I didn't think so.

Better late than never...

4 things making me happy RIGHT NOW:

1. I got my beloved boots!!  Well, not yet, but they should be here tomorrow or Thursday.  The point is I won them, so I am getting them.  I've already put them on my heroine's feet in the opening scene to my new project!

2. I went to my first tutorial for my literature class and LOVED it! Seriously- love. Even though it was early on a grey, rainy, horrible Saturday morning and I got lost 3 times trying to find the damn place. I think it's safe to say that I've made the right decision changing majors.

3. I have received my final assignment (the short story) back from marking. I'll post it here later.

I am happy with the result, but I have noticed that American writing doesn't fit well here. The comments I received while majorly good, include some about the narrator's age and maturity. I am certain my narrator was misunderstood thanks to a very different upbringing than what is experienced here. My best friend advised that I either need to accept that such comments will be the norm for my assignments here or adjust my writing to be more 'British' and not be marked down through misunderstanding.

I think in the next course I will have a talk with the tutor before submitting any assignments and make sure she understands that I am an American writer. I will never write like a British writer, because that would mean turning my back on who I truly am.

4. Thanks to a couple of contests (one I entered today and one I'm working on the entry for) I have a renewed spark for my writing. 

As always, I am multi-tasking (listening to Doctor Faustus while I write this) because there will never be enough time in the day for me. No matter, once I finish this I'm going to plan out the schedule I will follow for the 2 WIP's I'll concentrate on for the next few months. I'll have to schedule, since I also have assignments for 2 courses- the first TMA's for each are due early next month.

Oh well, I always have worked best under pressure and to deadlines.  Wish me luck!


  1. I also had a comment on my Tma 02 about age and maturity. Mine was british but I think the tutor may not have read my story properly because she mixed up Joe and Philip... one was the father the other the son and it was obvious which was which. I couldn't be bothered querying it because I passed and it was the last assignment.

  2. I didn't bother to query either, but I do hate that it was misunderstood.

    She felt there were several places where the aunt or mom should've made their responses to Mary Elizabeth more child-appropriate. The thing is, that's not how we are in the South. We don't really treat our children quite so 'child-like' (for lack of a better expression). By the time you are 13 you've driven the family pick-up, even if only on your own property, and you have a part-time job. By 16 you have your own car and pay your own bills, even though you are still in high school. By 18, when you graduate high school, you're out of the house.

    She also thought that my use of Southern Comfort (the liquor) was a bit contrived. She commented something to that effect and then put 'unless they really drink the stuff'. They do! Hell, I do! :)

    Overall, I'm happy though. I did well and it has spurred me on to changing my major and doing A215 & A363, so mission accomnplished I suppose.


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