Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I guess, I'll start this off properly by telling you a little bit about myself...

I’ve always been a writer. Of course, I have yet to make any money of it (I work in the operating room for that), but I still consider myself a writer.  I wrote my first book-- a horror, of all things-- in primary school. By high school I was writing poetry, short stories, plays, and romance. These days I write romance and mainstream fiction (mostly magical realism), usually with many WIP’s going at once.   Damn ADHD!

I have begun to take my writing more seriously in the past year with a view of being published. My goal is to have at least one romance and one mainstream novel published before I turn forty.  To this end, I plan to finish my favorite WIP (a mainstream, I'll just call BTW for now) and the 2 romances which are showing the most promise (we'll call them FM and WS) before I turn 36.  It doesn't seem like a lot to do in just under a year, but trust me it is. 

You see, I have too many commitments on my time and I'm still trying to think of a way to get rid of the one which eats up most of my time and brings me the most grief.  Secretly, I long to spend every night at home.  Reading to my son, tucking him into bed, then knitting or crocheting or writing or whatever.  I think it's about time I make myself happy, God knows I've spent the last 3 years trying to make everyone else happy.  I think it's my turn.

But enough about that.

Right this second I am sat on a couch in the North West of England freezing my assets off (heat not working, can't get in touch with boiler guy).  The snow is still falling outside and as much as I've always loved snow, right now I wish I was back home where my mom is bragging that it's still in the 70's.  It's around 20 here.  I am originally from Virginia, but lived in North Carolina for many years, so no matter how long I stay in the UK, I'll always be a Southern girl at heart.  Because of this. I tend to write mostly magical realism with a bit of Southern charm.  Maybe later, once I've researched how to protect my work on here, I'll post a little excerpt.

Maybe I should get back to writing...

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