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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I planned on starting my '7 Days in the South' challenge today, but it's been a pretty bad day. 

This morning I had to take my beloved cat, Zoe, to the vet.  I've had Zoe since she was just a little fluff ball about 5 weeks old.  I brought her with me to the UK.  It cost me a fortune to keep her out of quarantine, but I didn't care.  Zoe is my little princess.

Zoe is still at the vet's.  The vet said that it looks like her thyroid.  This should be treatable with meds, but it seems that as a side effect, Zoe has liver and kidney damage.  The vet told me before I left that I needed to be ready to make a big decision in the morning.  I'm not ready.  I miss my baby kitty.  I just want to bring her home tomorrow.  I think I may need to start the challenge on Thursday instead.

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